Tsne representation of spermatogenesis

This Shiny App visualizes cellranger filtered cells. To visualize gene expression in cells that are lost during cellranger's quality control, we provide a Shiny App, which plots the EmptyDrops filtered cells. The EmptyDrops Shiny App can be accessed at: SpermatoShinyEmptyDrops
Please select the gene symbol you would like to visualize. Visualization of the expression of whole chromosomes is achieved when entering the chromosome name (e.g. ChrX).
Please select one or multiple datasets for visualization. The cells were mapped to adult B6 samples as reference. The ordering of boxplots (when multiple samples are selected) is always first adult B6 followed by the selected juvenile time-points.
Please select the somatic or germ cell types for visualization. eP: early Pachytene spermatocytes, mP: mid Pachytene spermatocytes, lP: late Pachytene spermatocytes, D: Diplotene spermatocytes, M: Meiosis, S: Spermatid, PTM: Peritubular Myoid Cells, tMg: testicular Macrophages